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              The Spirit of Artisan

              Since established in 1992, GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR), as a leading China office chair factory, is service to the global customers on the faith “GTCHAIR, THE SPIRIT OF ARTISAN”, and take the spirit of innovation as our soul. With the mission of “Greener Materials, Healthier Working”, GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) team has developed a number of advanced technologies, launched several stylish, prospective and professional ergonomic chairs. At GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR), we will have a lot team building and training activities. We study, share, take care and respect each other and make it as part of our team value, also put “Excellent on Services, Perfect to Details” to our customer services. With the spirit of artisan to offer better products to top selling ergonmic chair wholesaler, our goal is to be a world-famous brand.