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              ABOUT US

              About GTCHAIR



              GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) is authorized to manufacture and sell high end ergonomic chair by Dvary Ergo Seating, Inc. which is based in United States. Since established in 1992, GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) is dedicate to offer the excellent ergonomic chairs,office chair,office seating,mesh chair and swivel chair etc, GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) is service to the global customers on its faith “GTCHAIR, THE SPIRIT OF ARTISAN”.

              As a High Quality Ergonomic Chair Manufacturer, GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) grows rapidly in recent years, its ergonomic chairs and office chairs have been highly praised by foreign and domestic experts, and gained plenty of national patents and awards, such as Best Craftsmanship, Function Innovation Award, Best Chair Award etc..

              In 2014, GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) was awarded the Technology-based Enterprise.

              In 2017, GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) has brought in a Germany designed intelligent production line, leading the ergonomic chair manufacturing in China to a new stage.

              In 2018, GTCHAIR (GT CHAIR) get the ISO9001 Certificate from Germany TUV Test Center.

              GTCHAIR, the spirit of Artisan.